Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop

Join us for a morning Vision Boarding, creating a sacred space that displays what you want to achieve and brings it to life. What you focus on expands. When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualization exercises throughout the day. The Law of Attraction... is a powerful, universal law that provides the opportunity to shape our lives and attract our deepest & greatest desires.

What will I get from the Workshop?

Vision boards are very right brain, so they use your creative side to harness your imagination, intuition, and holistic way of thinking. It requires that you focus on only a few things at a time, and really decide what resonates with you. Do I really need to live in a mansion or just somewhere with a sense of space? The use of images creates emotional connections, which according to experts on manifesting intention is fundamental to making them real.

Who can attend?

This workshop is open to all women.

Who will lead the Workshop?

Marina hold a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) degree as well as a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, both from the South African College of Applied Psychology. I am also a registered member of the Council of Counsellors of South Africa (Reg. No. 0874). In addition, she has completed Dr Rinda Blom’s introductory and advanced play therapy workshops.

Marina believes that setting an intention brings clarity. It is about creating meaning and purpose in what she does in her work, with clients and in her personal growth. Setting intentions can help focus you on why you’re doing something (clarity), why it’s important to you (meaning) and how it moves you closer to your values (purpose). 

How much will it cost?

This is a donation based workshop, so all monies raised will go towards sponsorships. The suggested donation is R350 but you can also make a donation based on your budget.

When and where and how do I sign up?


What if I have questions? 

You can contact Marina: