Be a Woman Within Circle Guide

If you love being a part of your Woman Within Circle, it’s natural to want to share what you’ve experienced with others. Circle Guides help women in their local area to set up new Woman Within Circles. You’ll learn from experienced Lead Guides hands-on in training sessions as you mentor participants in listening skills, conflict management and Circle dynamics. Get involved and help us to create stronger, safer Woman Within Circles to more women in your local area and throughout South Africa.

Guiding a Woman Within Circle is a wonderfully rich experience as you learn to step up into leadership in a loving and supported way. You also internalise the rich information available in the Circles manual enabling you to be more authentic in your circles and in your life.

To be a guide you need to have completed the guided circle training yourself and have been part of a Woman Within Circle. You will begin as a co-gude and will work with another (or more) co-guide and  lead guide. We work directly from the manual and will be given all the training resources you need, and with the support of your lead guide / co-guide you will be prepared for each session of the training. 

You can step up for either of the training that we offer,  which will be based on your ability to commit.

8 Week Circle Training

This is circle training that takes place over 8 weeks, working through the manual. Your commitment is required for 8 evenings.

2 Day Circle Training

This is circle training that takes place over a weekend, the Saturday and Sunday. It is an intensive training. Once this is complete the group will then work through their manuals for the next 8 weeks and the guides will come back in to support on . The group will get  weeks 4 and 6. Your commitment is required for 2 full days and 2 evenings.

If you would like to be a guide then please email:

"Being a Circle Guide renews my passion for this work, offers me continued connection and I am left in awe of the power of women's work."