Woman Within Level 2: Archetypes of the Castle

Woman Within Level 2: Archetypes of the Castle (Formerly Woman Within® Wholeness Workshop)

What is the Woman Within Level 2: Archetypes of the Castle?

This advanced 5-day program uses the metaphor of the castle to help you look at nine archetypal energies in your life (shadow, infant, child, adolescent, lover, mother, warrior, crone, queen), through a series of 45 minute presentations with discussion; followed by an experiential process for each, all led by Woman Within Weekend Leaders, Facilitators and Facilitators-in-Training. If you’re ready to create and give voice to your mission in life, you’ll love this inspiring, meaningful workshop.

What will I get from from the Workshop?

Who can attend?

Who will lead it?

Woman Within Workshop Leaders Monica Robinson and Esther Robertson; Facilitators Jeanine Baker and Christie Miller, plus 3-4 presenter/facilitators will assist.

How much will it cost?

This depends on where in the world you choose to do the workshop.

When and where and how do I sign up?


For the next available Workshop and costing please check the Woman Within Website: www.womanwithin.org

What if I have questions?

You can contact WFA workshop coordinator - workshops@wfa.org.za

Or you can check the Woman Within Event Calendar.