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Please note that we are all volunteers with full time jobs, therefore please be patient with us in getting back to you. We commit to responding to your email within 7 working days.  Thank you for your understanding.

General enquiries:


Open Circles: Maud Sebola  -     

Circle Training:  Nicola Lazenby -

Committed Circles (E-Circles): Crissi van Eden -


Weekend Coordinator:  Monika Glinzler -  

Workshops:  Simone Brandi -

Facilitation Track: Marina Galletis -

Finances: Britta Rotmann -

Staffing:  Trine Zacho -

Registrations: Simone Brandi -


Marketing: Open Position

Weekend Coordinator for Cape Town

We are looking for a community member to step up and support the coordination of the Cape Town Weekends

Please email Monika Glinzler at for more information about the Weekends Portfolio.