Women for Afrika Board

The WFA Board serves the community with a strong and committed Leadership Circle who are dedicated to creating opportunities like education, training, workshops, leadership development, personal growth and access to resources.

This committed group of women will actively be participating in and contributing to both the local and the global Woman Within community which spans 10 global regions.

The world is calling out for leaders who are self-aware, know that life is a process of consistent evolution, and who work not only for this generation but for all the generations to come. The Board, together with the Leadership Circle are aware that feminine leadership is sought after and the aim is to support this by weaving it into the NPO’s strategy, policy, and programming.

Governance Dates

WFA's financial year runs from 1 August to 31 July. Our AGM is generally held in November where we present an annual report, the annual financial statements, any changes to our Constitution and any changes to the Board.
Attendance at the AGM is open to all women who have done the Woman Within weekend.

Message from our Board

In line with the way Women For Afrika operates, the women serving on the Board till November 2023 have adopted collaboration as our guiding star - collaboration with each other, the Leadership Circle, the WFA community, Women Within International and beyond!

Our vision is to reconnect, maintain and grow the WFA community around the theme of "the future is feminine; the future is Africa." The aim is to empower women in South Africa and communities beyond by igniting collaboration on many levels within WFA.

Each member of the Board has a focus point and will be working with the Leadership Circle to achieve our goals:

We are committed to developing and preserving a safe space for our community in which all are valued and able to grow. We commit to hold ourselves, and those with whom we work, accountable to our core values and goals. 

We are at a pivotal moment in time, both as an organisation and in the world. We’re excited about making the shift into a new paradigm.