Enneagram Workshop

Enneagram Workshop

“If we observe ourselves truthfully and non-judgmentally, seeing the mechanisms of our personality in action, we can wake up, and our lives can be a miraculous unfolding of beauty and joy.” - Don Richard Riso, The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a system of Nine core personality styles that are all equally valuable and important with its own unique gifts and challenges.  Unlocking the wisdom of the Enneagram will support you to see clearly the patterns of your personality, the gifts associated with it and the ways in which you may remain trapped and held back by unconscious personality patterns.  

The workshop will support you in the following ways:

The one-day workshop will be highly interactive and will draw from the experience and wisdom of everyone in the room.  No previous experience with the Enneagram is required to attend this workshop.

Who can attend? 

This workshop is open to all women and men.

Who will lead the Workshop? 

Zeldi Hall / Anthea Swift

How much will it cost?

This is a donation based workshop, so all monies raised will go towards sponsorships. The suggested donation is R850 but you can also make a donation based on your budget.

When and where and how do I sign up?  


What if I have questions?

You can contact Zeldi: zeldi@beyondpossibility.co.za or Anthea: anthea@humanworks.co.za