Leadership Weekend Roles

Become a Team Leader

Team Leaders are pivotal to the Weekends that cannot happen without their skills.

The Team Leader organises all the staff volunteers and motivates each woman to deliver her best from her individual role.

Team Leaders liaise with the Weekend venue and the facilitators, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

As this is a role of such importance and responsibility, Team Leaders do receive payment for leading a Weekend.

For this role you must be calm under pressure, well organised, able to motivate others and be a proven leader.

Team Leader requirements are:

Become a Facilitator

Support other women as they undertake deep emotional work

A facilitator supports women as they take the steps to reclaim lost aspects of themselves, in a role that is both deeply rewarding and privileged in helping to change lives.

This role requires compassion and the ability to connect with women to support and guide them. Also, knowledge of the nine Jungian Archetypes to recognise which process is most relevant for a woman to complete her deep work.

The facilitator role holds much responsibility and is integral to the Weekend. Facilitators receive payment for each Weekend.

To begin on the Facilitation Track you must have: